Friday, 29 January 2010

Irwin Barbe.

She's 17 from Australia and she most often shoots using either medium format, disposable cameras and 35mm. I love her work. The first ones are all taken on a disposable...

These ones are taken in medium format...

I love how her shoots seem to feature her friends and are a personal documentary of places she has been and things she has done. And proves you don't need a load of really expensive equipment to produce effectuve results.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

If I was a boy. I'd be the coolest boy ever.

GQ magazine best dressed 2010. Alex Turner in 3rd place (should be first in my opinion). If I was a boy I'd dress like him.


Once again I've been pretty awful at blogging. Partly because it takes soo much time to do one post and because I've been busy busy busy again. Anyway I am planning on blogging my January vintage and charity finds but for now have a look at these by Michael Otero a 21 year old photographer who makes me smile...

Friday, 15 January 2010


I just CANNOT wait for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland to hit screens - not just because Jonny Depp is in it - but because I love the Alice in Wonderland story and have used it as Uni inspiration in the past. I came across these images...

The images are from Harper's Bazaar and are by a photographer called Tim Walker. Tim Walker also did the shoot for the Vogue December 2008 issue which is by far my favourite ever edition of Vogue. The two shoots are both similar with the Vogue shoot featuring Tim Burton and Helen Bonham Carter and obviously most of these images featuring characters from Tim Burton's stories and films. I love the dark essence behind Tim Burton and his characters. He creates a feeling of fear but awe at the same time. And I'm not afraid to admit that I still can hardly watch Edward Scissorhands as he scares me too much!

With Me&Yu's new collection coming out soon it's photoshoot time and I'll definitely be adding these to my tear sheet inspiration. These images are so relevant with the inspiration of the collection being pshychedelia and the name of the collection being "Me&Yu takes a trip".

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Jennifer Lily.

I love stumbling across cute dresses made by people who love making re-worked items with a lot of care and effort put into them. Tonight I have found the cutest little collection of vintage re-works on Ebay. They are from Jennifer Lily and they're just lovely. Here's one which I won...

I'm also going vintage shopping in Manchester tomorrow so I'll be posting what I bought with the help of my fabulous student loan.

Friday, 8 January 2010


A few months ago, my best friend Jenna agreed (reluctantly) to do some modelling shots for Me&Yu's website. John Clarke of Resurrect Studios shot the images and I styled and threw the clothes at Jenna for her to put on as we had the entire Afflecks shop to shoot in a limited amount of time. This is my favourite image from the shoot and has been put up on the Myspace page. Unfortunately the dog tooth cardi has since been sold - I had to hand it over graciously to the lucky girl who bought it!

I love the clash of the prints and textures and I felt it gave the shots a more styled and thought over look which also could help a customer in styling their Me&Yu items. If anyone wants a similar version of the cardi I THINK Topshop had/has one. I can't find it on the website but a good charity shop trawl should end with a result.

FINALLY found the CLARKS shoes I NEED!

I spotted some pretty cool Clarks boots in a magazine before Christmas and I wanted them straight away. After looking in my local Clarks store with no luck I decided that I had dreamt them but NO I have just stumbled across them whilst looking on the Clarks website...student loan Monday...hello new boots! Now the question is black or brown...

and check out the fur inside! Im actually praying for more snow so I can totter around in these! I can't believe that Clarks have actually made these and they don't look like something a Sunday school teacher would rock up in.

I wore...

I went up to Blackpool on Monday to pick up some Me&Yu press history to scan into my computer and whilst I was there Angie took me round some charity shops. Blackpool charity shopping is pretty good as there are so many different parts to the town which I never knew existed! I got a few bargains which ill show you when they come out of the wash. I wore one of them on Monday night to my local haunt Roper Hall in Preston. Its a black and white dog tooth long shirt/blouse which I wore open with a Topshop floral number and my favourite Topshop heart tights. I had some Topshop flat brown pointy brogue things on too - what a Topshop whore have I become?! STILL haven't worked out my tripod so it was a Myspace mirror attempt...

One day I will be a pro at look book so I'll hopefully be posting some cool look book images of what I've been wearing. I guess I'm also a little skeptical of the whole "What I wore" thing as I hate posing pictures and always feel VERY vain. It's a conversation Claire from Sitting Pretty and I recently had but fashion is a vain industry and I love seeing what others are wearing so I'll just join the vein bandwagon!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Fashion library.

I have a basket full of fashion books, treasured (and expensive!) fashion magazines and street style pages which I love looking at from time to time for inspiration or just to pass the time. Angie of Me&Yu extended my book collection with two new books for my birthday! One is The Sartorialist and the other is British Fashion Designers.

The Sartorialist is a famous style blog which I've been meaning to check out for months. His book shows hundreds of different shots of people he has been drawn to across the world. I like how he describes his style shots as being drawn to a specific piece of clothing, jewellery or an accessory. At times it's not the full outfit but something which triggers inspiration or a certain feeling towards an outfit. I recommend you all get a copy!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Rubbish with a capital R.

I have been beyond a useless blogger over Christmas. The mixture of parties, alcohol, catching up with friends, shopping, family gatherings and watching Christmas television has meant I've not had much time to blog blog blog! Im still getting used to blogging regularly and I've made it a new years resolution to be more consistent and basically good with my blog.

Soooo let's start the New Year with a blog about my lurrvellyyy shiny new Nikon D5000. Here it is with my fabulous vintage sequin number before my works doo...

I am planning some more what I've been wearing posts but first I need to figure out my tripod and also have a look at look book more closely. Hopefully there'll be some in the very near future!