Thursday, 24 February 2011

Fuji Instax 100

I bought a new polaroid instant camera off ebay and it's maaassssive. I like going backwards with my camera technology. My digital nikon slr is amazing but I love film cameras and now have an old polaroid camera, a diana mini, lomo fisheye and this Fuji instax camera. The polaroids are more of a rectangular shape so when I have some film and do my shoot next week, I'll post theme here to show you the result. Here's a is almost bigger than my head!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Berry Pleats.

An outfit post. I'm thinking of wearing this for LFW. I love this berry colour and the length of this skirt.

I also treated myself to some new boots. I think I'm addicted to buying new boots.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Its been a while.

Again I am back to my rubbish ways with my last post being exactly a month ago but I am in the process of trying to pass my degree so blogging goes to the bottom of my list. Anyhow I've been researching researching researching this week and have found some images which I have used as inspiration. I'm currently developing my major project which involves hypothetically launching a menswear online label called Klub. It's going to be a visual label, with an interactive site and I'm trying to develop a way of displaying the garments on the site without using the dreaded white mannequin or random people in front a white background. These are images which I have pulled from the internet over this past week...

Some of them aren't particularly high res but you get the picture of the route I'm trying to take. I love the idea of a window frame and looking through this could be something which my final exhibition piece takes into account.

Oh and I'm going to the Burberry Prosum show at London Fashion Week on Monday courtesy of my Uni...something good had to come out of going to Huddersfield! - so I'll be uploading phone pics of this next week (hopefully!)