Monday, 10 May 2010


The past week I've been to a couple of gigs - Biffy Clyro and Foals. I have seen both of these bands before at Leeds festival but it's always such a different atmosphere at a gig than at a festival. Biffy played at the Empress ballroom in Blackpool and Foals were on at the Ritz in Manchester.

Simon Neil is amazing and his tattoos are also amazing. They make me want to book more - which I'm working on at the moment it's just the funding which is the problem!

And Foals...

Foals new album is a must hear although I'm having problems actually getting it on my ipod at the moment but definitely worth buying. It's a bit different to the first album but different in a good way! God I'm such a good music critic.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Out with the old. In with the older.

I've recently decorated my room and had a massive clear out of all those clothes which I know I would never dare to wear again a.k.a awful Primark purchases beyond the point of looking fashionable anymore! Sooo I've thrown out some awful throwaway fashions which I wish I'd never bothered with and replaced them with some older items from a recent Manchester shopping trip and an ebay spree. My mum keeps going mad at me but when Retro Rehab has a £5 sale rail it's hard to pull myself away!

This Summer number is from Ebay and cost around £5. It's a really vibrant dress and I can't wait to wear it. It also came with...


Above was another Ebay bargain for around £4. Perfect for my many Summer festivals.

I'm not usually an orange person but I love the shape of this dress and the wrap round frill at the bottom of the dress. I'm still not sure if I will be taking it up or leaving it as it is. This was from Retro Rehab in Manchester for £5.

The last one is my favourite and it also from Retro Rehab costing me £5. I'm also unsure whether to hem this one up. I quite like the longer lengths on these two so I might just leave them and opt for a more lady like dress length!

Oh and if you're ever in or around Manchester make sure you visit Retro Rehab as when they have a sale rail it's worth having a look and every so often they have a sale day where you can get a bag and fill it for £10. How good is that?!

Cute as a button.

I went to Preston's new massssive Abakhan fabrics the other day for some thread and ended up spending way more than anticipated on a cute jar of buttons which they had just had delivered. Im a sucker for lovely buttons so I had to get them. They came in a small plastic jar with a pin cushion on the lid. The buttons inside are to die for and I can't wait to start ripping off my rubbish buttons on my clothes and sewing on these cute ones.

Hello journal.

Today I've been starting some Critical Journal work for my third year prep at Uni. It's a sort of posh name for a sketchbook as we're supposed to write about the things we choose to put into our journals more than you would do with a basic sketchbook. I love doing my crit and I've decided to base it on some research for a possible case study topic. I've started with Me&Yu and the first few tasks and things I learnt and I'm going to include blogging, look book and a LOT of photography. I'm also going to try and focus on vintage vs commercial as this could be a starting point for my final case study writing - eeeeekk! Anyway I've taken some pictures of a few of the pages so far. I like to use different sketchbooks until I find one which I can really work with - hence the torn out sketchbook pages stuck into another book!

Fainting Spells. (again)

This original look got deleted so I used one of the images to post it again! I have nooo idea where it went but it just wasn't there this morning on my look book account. Ah well. Here it is again. I'm off to the Art shop now to get a new sketchbook and supplies to start a critical journal for Uni which I should have been doing for the past year! Ooooops! I'll be doing some work related posts very soon. Oh and I'm going to get my sewing machine working too - wish me luck!