Sunday, 29 August 2010

Leeds Festival.

I went yesterday for a day and it was amazing. I thought as I usually go to Leeds and camp, I wouldn't want to leave, but my old age meant I couldn't have been happier to be going home to a warm bed! After way too much cider and my feet being murdered by my Dr Martens, here are some of the results of my Nikon D5000, which I bravely took with me to get some good quality photos of the day.

Festivals + hair do not mix well.

I wore... coat from Topshop, vintage Levi denim shorts, We Have Band tee, Topshop stripey tights and my Dr Martens. My highlights were The Drums, Foals, Metronomy and We Are Scientists.

Friday, 27 August 2010

You can't fool me Dennis.

Lace crop - from Ebay but customised
Nude pleated maxi skirt - Charity shop find.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Look Book.

What I wore today post.

Henry Holland jumpsuit £40
Primark brown brogues £10


I already mentioned that I had a new Apple imac to do all my final year work on and it's lovely. I can't wait to use it for my projects. Yes I am a geek.

Oh and I was working on a birthday card design when I took this picture so that explains the random swallow on the screen.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Queen's Wardrobe.

I've made an exciting new discovery this week...a brand called 'Queen's Wardrobe' which I discovered on Look Book whilst flicking through some looks. I went on the website and found that the girl who had posted the look had done modelling for the brand, which I always think is a little bit of a cheat on look book! Anyhow, the dress which I have featured in this post is from Queen's Wardrobe and costs around £52. I love how elegant it is and the length is just perfect for my wardrobe right now. I would definitely buy it for either Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn!

I have also been lusting after a new thick cable knit cardigan and I have just found this image on my desktop from a photograph search last night. However, I have no idea where it has come from or who is the photographer but I love the cardi and reeeeally want one. I refuse to pay just near £50 from Topshop for one though. If anyone finds a reasonably priced cable knit cardi let me know and I'll hunt you down and steal it from you!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Vincent Peters.

The thing I secretly love about researching information for Uni, is the photographers, artists and designers I come across just from opening my eyes and reading a book. For my dissertation research on Fashion Branding, I stumbled across a Fashion photographer which I hadn't heard of before, called Vincent Peters. I have definitely seen his work before but have never known of him. Here are some favourite shots I have dragged from the Internet...

His rich photography style enables him to put a stamp on his photos before you even read who the photographer is. The top three are my favourites from the ones I have chosen, as they are glamourous and have an old fashioned essence to them. His black and white shots are so strong that I think they are more effective than the colour shots in some ways. In the bottom photo, he manages to cross over the surreal fashion photography world with a somewhat ordinary scene of children playing. If you happen to check out Vincent Peters website, you will notice that he uses this in many of his photos, to a great effect. Go to his website if you love flicking through photographers websites like I do!

What I wore.

This weekend has been quite a good one. First of all I was treated to an amazing new imac to do all my Uni work on next year and for many more years to come! and then on Saturday night I went out. Now usually I'm a local indie/rock club girl but my friends decided to spring a new (well not new more like hated) place on me during the week which filled me with dread. We basically went to the local rough people of Preston hang out. If there hadn't of been a dance floor playing Abba classics and Bon Jovi I may have died from bleeding of the ears from listening to rubbish rnb and dance all night! Anyway here is what I wore - an accidentally taken picture by my friend Sam -

The chino/cigarette/peg pants - I have lost track of what to call them! - are from Zara and cost £25.99 which is why I love Zara. In Topshop these would have been around £40 and probably would have split because of my huge bum but Zara always gets trousers just right and at a steal of a price. The lace top is actually a long cardi from Topshop sale at an amazing £12 and I have simply tucked it right in for a clinched waist. The bustier underneath is an underwear item from Primark which I usually wear as a 'tuck me in' garment! And lastly the shoes are in the Dorothy Perkins sale at £20 and are actually VERY comfy.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I've been thinking of flying away.

I've been searching for a brown aviator jacket for a while now and I think I might just have found the perfect one - without the massive ebay bidding war for it. Warehouse have one in their collection for Autumn/Winter 2010 and I am dieing to get it. It is quite an expensive piece at £150 but I am completely willing to pay it. Burberry Prorsum have one (amongst many amazing coats) in their A/W 2010 collection too. I just need some Ray Ban aviators to finish off my winter look!

Above is the Warehouse jacket from the homepage of their website. It isn't online yet or available in store but I am working on our Warehouse brand specialist at work to order me one in!!

Below is the Burberry version straight from the catwalk.

I know I'm going to be having many a dream about this coat and all the outfits it will go with for Winter. I am definitely more of a Winter person than a Summer person!