Tuesday, 15 December 2009

May I shoot you?

I've just got my new Nikon D5000 camera for my birthday (which is in a week but hey!) so I'm really looking forward to posting some better pictures with my posts. I've also joined Lookbook after getting an invite from the lovely Sitting Pretty blogger Claire so I can post my looks and what I've been wearing. I'm pretty excitable at the minute!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

My new label crush.

I love coming across designers which make me want to talk about them and use in my sketchbooks for inspiration. And todays turn is Ostwald Helgason. I had this label bookmarked and only just re-found it today whilst clearing my bookmarked pages. Ostwald Helgason consists of Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason and they work together to produce amazing tailoring and draping which gives the brand their signature look. I love the prints and colours which they work so closely on and what I love most is that they are a high-end label who describe their consumer as having "no specific age or social background". Their designs can be worn by any woman of any age - although I haven't been able to find a price yet which is definitely a bad sign as to whether students like me can afford it!

From the images above it's easy to see how the label uses traditional tailoring in a contemporary way and I don't know about you but I adore men's style tailoring on women. It's not my personal style but if I was sophisticated I would definitely be all over the tailored look! I would also do anything for that baggy tye-dye print coat.

Boots boots and more boots.

I have a pair of Topshop boots which were my "I'm not going to Leeds festival this year so I'm treating myself" present. I bought them in August and have worn them more or less each day since then! I have always bought rubbish boots in substitute for good ones - money usually being the problem - but I thought I'd invest this time. Sooo I love love love my little black studded boots from Topshop so I ordered some more boots from Topshop online. I wanted some brown ones so ordered some tanned, rouched, ankle boots. When they came in the post they looked a little "All Saintsy" - as I like to describe them! I'm not a fan of All Saints and these boots looked a little plastic like the All Saints lace up boots which everyone has and every highstreet shop has copied. So I went into Topshop and swopped them for some different boots which didn't make me feel like an All Saints wannabe. I wore them out on Saturday night - I apologise for the picture, the bad quality definitely has vodka stamped all over it!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

This week I've been...

...making earrings in Afflecks. This week on placement has been hectic to say the least. Me&Yu are now being stocked in River Island menswear so this week has been mental trying to get the order finished and packed! Sooo I've been covering in the shop whilst Angie and Gordon get prepared for River Island AND the Clothes Show Live. I have made some too cute earrings whilst being in the shop and I thought I'd show you them...

I want to live here.

I came across this House of Holland cottage whilst looking at the Vice website. It's basically an idea which Vice and Henry Holland came up with together and built inside his studio. On the Vice fashion webpage they describe it as a "petite fashion cottage" and its so adorable. He even designed an exclusive range to sell from the mini House of Holland. My friend is currently on work placement at Henry Holland so maybe I'll ask her to discretely bring it home for me!Come on, who wouldn't want to live here?

Online shopping rocks.

I recently posted about the Christopher Kane collection for Topshop and how I NEEDED not wanted but NEEDED to get something from it. Well I ordered the lace one shoulder dress off the Topshop website and it came yesterday! Not only is it lovely but it was £25 less than the price it's being sold for instore AND you get free Christopher Kane stickers - it was like Christmas had come early for me!
That's it above!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

This is why I love vintage.

This week I actually got to do some vintage shopping around Manchester, rather than just walking past on my way to work. I took my sister Olivia and friend Sam who had never been vintage searching before. My sister is a bit skeptical about my charity shopping and vintage obssession but I think she enjoyed it! I found an amazing dress which is perfect for my staff doo and the fur coat is from Lost Property vintage right next door to Me&Yu in Afflecks. I have had my eyes peeled for the perfect fur coat for agggges and have been watching this one so that it didn't run off without me! Luckily on Saturday they had an "any reasonable offer accepted" day so Angie got it for me at £35 which is a bargain!

The coat has some lovely gold buttons on the sleeves too which add that little extra. I think I want a long one too now - how much will my bank balance take?!