Monday, 27 December 2010

Mulberry Alexa = Skint.

I went shopping today. And my what a shopping trip it was. I came home with a MULBERRY ALEXA oversized bag. It speaks for itself...

Monday, 13 December 2010

Please can I have....

Not only is it Christmas in 12 days but it is my Birthday on the 22nd. I love being a Christmas baby as everyone is festive and looking forward to Christmas so my Birthday is usually one big party. Anyhow I hoope I'm getting this for one of them. It is a skull friendship bracelet from Links of London. I'm not a Pandora girl so this will be the new piece for my fast growing Silver collection. (Picture quality is rubbish. Sorry!)

I'm off to York for the night on my Birthday so I will be snapping away as I haven't taken my camera out with me for a while. And it is my Christmas doo this weekend so my new dress will be put up here. I was going to post an outfit post today but my camera died just as I got it on the tripod and I have no idea where my charger is. Back to being a good blogger soon with good un-pixelated images to see!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


I've gone for the whole grown out highlight look today. Luckily my little sister has just qualified as a hairdresser so I get my locks tamed free of charge. After 4 long and cold hours in the hairdressers this is the result. A pose on photo booth was needed!

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Remember a good few weeks ago when I first mentioned my magazine project for Uni? Well here it is. It has the concept of each issue being related to a different novel and this first edition is Frankenstein. It's a bit weird and definitely not your Look/Vogue/Grazia. Have a look at some of the photos below. I couldn't upload my pdf version of Book so you'll have to make do with these images of various pages!

...your very own Frankenstein mask!

Bearing in mind there are just over 70 pages in there you have only seen a small part of it but I guess these are the pages I love the most. Hope you like!

Are we the last living souls?

Not posted in aaages. The title of this post is related to the weather and also the song I was listening to at the time of writing this post - Gorillaz. Everything seems so much quieter and eerie when it has snowed and all I want to do is stay in bed with a brew, hot water bottle and a stack of DVDs. However, uni and the fact my body clock now gets me up at stoopid o clock means that I am up and getting square eyes from Indesign. Anywayyy, Topshop make-up has finally made its way into my make-up bag and its lovely. The lipsticks are by far the best I've ever bought - including Benefits Rouge lippie. Here are the colours I'm currently wearing - red in the day/night and the darker red for evening only!

I've also been ebaying and Topshopping. The striped dress is an ebay find and will be hemmed soon - or kept the same depending on how it looks - and the brown and black numbers are both Topshop. The black one is planned in for my Christmas schedule and I'm planning a grunge attack with it and the brown one has already been worn out and I love it. I'm not usually a Topshop whore but I am this month!