Saturday, 11 September 2010

Post overload but nice shoes.

So as I'm usually working alllll the time and don't have time for regular spread out posts, I'm going to overload my blog with Saturday posts! I have had a shoe splurge in the past few weeks (since pay day) and have bought two new pairs to last me for Autumn/Winter - that's the plan anyway. The first pair are a shoe boot clog type thing (great description!) from and are from Love Label. I love how chunky they are and they will really add to an outfit.

The next pair are from where I work and will go nicely with Winter dresses and woolly tights in the coming months. They are so comfy and I can't wait to wear them again and again.

Packing = barf.

I hate packing and this weekend I have two things to pack for - Uni and my holiday to Portugal. So I'm attempting to start today and get it all done so I can move into my flat tomorrow and leave for Portugal on Monday morning. I just need the motivation to start rifling through my packed wardrobe.

Help please!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Me&Yu shoot.

At the weekend I did a photo shoot for Me&Yu at Southport beach. The pictures will be used for promotional items and on the website. Luckily at the time we went to Southport the sun had gone in and it had a more wintery feel rather than beaming sunshine. Here are some of my favourites...

Go to to buy these lovely new pieces.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Neet Magazine.

At the beginning of Summer I did a photo shoot for Me&Yu and one of my pictures has been featured in an advertisement for Me&Yu in Neet magazine - which is actually a pretty cool magazine. This is the ad here -

I recommend Neet magazine to all you fashion, art, creative lovers as it is jam packed full of inspiration and adverts for cool vintage and indie fashion labels and you can also click on the ads/features to be taken to the website for the brand. So no Googleing brands, just click and you're there!

Zara. Online. FINALLY!

Zara has finally launched its online website, which I have been waiting forever for. Their Autumn/Winter 2010 collection pieces are amazing and I haven't been able to stop making sneaky trips to my nearest Manchester store all Summer. I have chosen to feature a few of my favourite dresses I have been looking at this morning...

Click here to be taken straight to the dresses section of the Zara website.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

This Morning.

I have been searching for some inspiration for a photo shoot I have planned for Me&Yu. I have gone back to one of my favourite photographers which I once blogged about ages ago. She is called Irwin Barbe and her photos are amazing. She uses disposable cameras and medium format cameras along with other film cameras to create her breathtaking but simple photos. She is only 17 and focuses on pictures of her friends doing everyday stuff and going out together. The original idea was to use a laundrette which I'm still working on but I quite like the idea of the wintery beach painted with the grunge brush! The girls that I'm using are gorgeous and will be grunged up to the maximum. I'm also working on an abandoned fairground ride which I'm sure I have spotted in Southport so this week is location spotting week. Here are some of my favourite Irwin Barbe images...