Monday, 29 March 2010

I got the god dam boots!

Soooo the amazing Clarks boots which I have been dreaming about for the past few months went to 20% off so I was all over them. They are comfy, fit and I know I'll wear them for ages - even in Summer with a little-ish dress! That's me taking a sneaky picture whilst working in Afflecks at Me&Yu.

Socks socks socks.

I never used to wear socks with anything and now I can't seem to remove them from my feet. I have become addicted to buying cute pairs of socks to go with all my clothes. I usually wear them over my tights with brogues or with a pair of heels on a night out. When it's a little warmer I might wear them on their own - that's what I hate about Summer...getting my legs out ergh! I've found this one picture of me wearing socks - I think it was over Christmas - and it's not a very good photo but you get the picture.

I've seen loads of cute look book photo posts recently with socks and I suppose this is what inspired me to blog about them.

The link above is my favourite.

Monday, 22 March 2010

H! Henry Holland for Debenhams.

The latest designer and highstreet collaboration has been all over the fashion weeklies this month and I love this new collection. Henry Holland has pulled off a highstreet miracle and this is now actually one of the only highstreet and designer collections I would shop in. I love the ditsy florals, biker boots, brown satchel, checked peg pants and 1950s style crop tops and playsuits. I think its an amazing collection and VERY well price pointed. I just had to buy a couple of pieces as it was 15% off on the internet so I thought it was fate telling me to kit myself out in H!

I bought...And I posted this look on look book. It was my first one and I don't know if I like the whole look book thing yet. I mean I like looking at others but it's such a ball ache doing your own. Also I hate pictures of myself unless they are photoshopped to hell so I guess I'm never going to be a fan of posting myself on look book. My walls are in this state as my room is in the process of being decorated - hopefully soonish they'll be lavley and floral.

The floral/gingham dress and the oversized tee were a bargain at £39 for BOTH!