Friday, 23 April 2010

Post Whore.

I really need to stop posting stuff all at once when I have a spare day. I am going to try and post at least everyday or every other day so there isn't information overload. I have posted some more look book looks over the past week and here they are...


The above look shows my Topshop dress (very overpriced at £50) and my ebay floral blazer.


I actually got to go outside with my camera and I snapped an outside look book post. I'm wearing a charity shop polkadot blouse and a vintage skirt from Beyond Retro.

One of those dark days.

Today has been the first grey day I've seen in a while. Also it's the start of my intense diet so that I actually fit into my bridesmaid dress for my cousins wedding, which makes today even greyer! My look book post today was quite a dark one. My cardigan is a vintage one from Lost Property vintage right next door to Me&Yu in Afflecks and it's soooo warm. It'll come in handy next year in my flat when I'm too skint to put the heating on - maybe I'll go to the library more for warmth! My Dr Martens also feature in this look. They came in the post the other morning and they fit and are amazing!

Dressing Table Love.

My new dressing table is so cute and I love it to pieces. It did result in my dad calling me a "cock" as it only has one drawer and the masses of stuff I have is still in the office pissing my ma and pa off - but I love it anyway!

There it is already cluttered. The dressing table was £55 and the stool was £6 - bargains! I stole the mirror from my Sister's room as I decided that it looked wayyyy better in my room and it matches the colour of my dressing table so well. The bottom picture is of a reflection from my Urban Outfitters silver heart mirror, it was a wayyy too cute picture to miss out on.

Bygone Times.

I've been decorating my room for the past few months and have been on the look out for the perfect dressing table and stool combo. I finally dragged mum to this antique place called Bygone Times near Chorley and it is my favourite place in the world - well near enough! Its full of independent units which people hire out and sell their old and unwanted belongings. There are some amazing units selling weird and wonderful items which you wouldn't find anywhere else. There are vintage clothing units, vintage bag units, furniture units, a palm reader, jewellery units and even a cafe for a much needed coffee to start you on your treasure hunt!

Here are a few pictures of my favourite units... Go to the website on this link here and if your near it pop in and have a rummage - you'll find lots of treasure!

Me&Yu Takes a Trip to college.

I did a photoshoot for Me&Yu this week with my friend Jennie. We wanted a sort of college girl, vintage styled shoot so I used a few different locations and dressed Jennie up in brogues, socks, nerdy glasses and headbands for that college girl feel. The bedroom ones are taken in my new bedroom with my new dressing table, mirror and stool (all bought by me - how grown up!), my garden also featured in the shoot along with the bottom of my local park. I loved doing this shoot as Jennie was really easy to work with and struck some major modelling poses for me and the style of the shoot really suits not only my personal style but shows a different side to the new "Takes a Trip" collection from Me&Yu.

My childhood pink bike also made an appearance and looked so cute in the pictures. I love the fact that the pictures show a story of a walk to school or walk back and the whole idea of not really growing up and still playing around as you did when you were young! Hopefully you'll be seeing more of the shoot across the Me&Yu board - Facebook, Myspace, Website and Online shop - so if you haven't already add Me&Yu as a friend or visit them on - I can gurantee you love them!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Summer summer summer.

And the look book addiction continues! I love love love this skirt and it was a bargain from H&M for £9.99 along with the stripey crop from Topshop at £14. This is a bit of a highstreet outfit but there is nothing wrong with that from time to time. Also I have my legs out. No tights. Just bare legs which is a VERY different thing for me. I only get my legs out in Summer or abroad! I am planning on doing an outside look book shoot next week as I have some time off (YESSSSS!) before I start full time hours at Outfit. I'm also planning on doing a shoot for Me&Yu next week hopefully so I'll be posting that as well.

Bombay Bicycle Club.

I love them. And this is one of my favourites. If not my favourite.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


At last. I won some Dr Martens on my second ebay bidding war on some second hand ones. I hope they fit me. I'm a little scared that they won't as my shoe size is pretty unpredictable buuuut fingers crossed they'll be fine. If not they'll be saying hello to ebay again!

Here they are...


Yeah so I have been getting the hang of look book in the past few days and it is actually addictive. Worse than Facebook. So here are a few of the looks I've posted in the past couple of days.

Oh and the shoes in the bottom look are some beauts which I've just added to my shoe collection. They're from Topshop and have a sweet crochet detail on the sides with a brogue look on the front. I love how they have thrown lace up boots, brogues and crochet sandals into one shoe. Topshop at its best. And I was going to work on the botton one which explains the all black! Makes a change from my floral addiction though.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I caved.

Dr Martens have been on my wishlist for a while and I am bidding on some at the moment on ebay so fingers crossed I'll win them. I wanted a used pair as I don't particularly want a brand new pair which I'll only want to wear in automatically. Wish me luck!

Hello Look Book.

I have posted my latest look on Look Book. I think I'm getting the hang of it. This is a Me&Yu themed outfit and I love it.