Monday, 28 June 2010

Oh my.

On my way back from York last weekend, we stopped at a farming shop for some barbicue treats and it had a little antique shop attached to it. Most of the items were jewellery and ornaments but hidden away underneath a table I found this beautiful bag. I have been ebaying for one like it for months and have always been outbid. Anyway I didnt buy it when I saw it, however was thinking about it allllllll weekend so I went to get it on the Tuesday and it was still there - definitely fate! It was £22 which is a VERY fair price as it is in perfect condition and real leather with so many different compartments and a detachable strap. It's just lovely and perfect! Here is a more close up picture than my look book post...

First look book post in a little while!

This is my latest look book post. I went through an addicted stage with look book and it is probably going to start again! I wore this outfit today and its a spotty tee from h&m and a stripey maxi skirt from the Topshop sale. I'm about to write a post about the bag as I feel it deserves its own writing space!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Shoe lust.

Okay so I've never been a massive shoe lover and have never really spent a lot on shoes - apart from over Winter when I was on a huge quest to find THE perfect brown boots which resulted in spending a LOT of money on different types of boots! So when I was 'trying' not to look in Topshop in York over the weekend as I have no money, I spotted these amazing Topshop Premium shoes which I have been dreaming about ever since. They're £130 and it's actually killing me that my bank balance won't allow it. They would be perfect for Summer with a maxi or a floaty smock. Fingers crossed they will go in the sale pretty soon!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

York = Trying to take pretty pictures whilst wishing I hadn't drunk an entire bottle of vodka the night before.

This weekend I went to York for my Cousin's hen doo and it was furrnn. I had great intentions of getting up and seeing the sights of York by day and drinking (sensibly) by night. That didn't happen. I managed to stagger out of the hotel room for breakfast and drag some clothes on at around half 10 and then half heartedly wandered around York with my Nikon not really taking any worthy pictures! The second day - once again still drunk - I decided to just take my iphone to put the photography apps to good use.

York is beautiful and I do intend to go when I'm not carrying a blow up man called Roger More around with me! Anyway here are some lomo style photos and hipstamatic photos which I managed to snap of the Shambles in York Centre.

I also got a quick what I was wearing picture. Maxi's are an absolute dream when hungover and wanting something to throw on!

The run dmc top is a Tee and Cake design at Topshop and cost £22, the tye-dye jersey maxi is New Look and cost £25 and my jacket is a reeeally olf Topshop Moto one which I dug out for a revival.

Friday, 11 June 2010


I have now returned to my rubbish blogging stage. I am very ashamed of it but working full time and keeping a blog is wayyy too hard! I WILL be back in the next week (or so) with updates on all ive been buying, doing and listening too. I'm going to a festival in Manchester this weekend so will feature a what I've been wearing post and then the weekend after I'm off to York for my cousin's hen doo so many a lovely picture will be taken in York to show you all - and not of us blind drunk but of the shops and buildings...if I make it out of the hotel bar that is.

Some exciting news though, the lovely Claire at Sitting Pretty has featured me in her first 'Blogger Spotlight' feature! It's just a few questions and vain look book images but have a look - Claire is a way better blogger than me so have a mooch around her blog as it's lavely!!