Wednesday, 1 September 2010

This Morning.

I have been searching for some inspiration for a photo shoot I have planned for Me&Yu. I have gone back to one of my favourite photographers which I once blogged about ages ago. She is called Irwin Barbe and her photos are amazing. She uses disposable cameras and medium format cameras along with other film cameras to create her breathtaking but simple photos. She is only 17 and focuses on pictures of her friends doing everyday stuff and going out together. The original idea was to use a laundrette which I'm still working on but I quite like the idea of the wintery beach painted with the grunge brush! The girls that I'm using are gorgeous and will be grunged up to the maximum. I'm also working on an abandoned fairground ride which I'm sure I have spotted in Southport so this week is location spotting week. Here are some of my favourite Irwin Barbe images...

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