Wednesday, 18 November 2009

First post nerves.

I'm not a complete blog virgin but this is my first personal blog I've ever done. Scary business. My blog experience was severly damaged by my Journalism module at Uni, as we were forced to start a 'class blog' and basically made to sit at a computer for two hours posting comments to each other about about stimulating subjects such as Huddersfield's music scene - there isn't one - and Christmas.

As I've mentioned in the 'About me' section, I'm currently on a 12 month placement with Manchester fashion label Me&Yu and my faith in blogging has been restored. I look after the Myspace blog and have it imported into Facebook - as sadly the good old days of Myspace are nearly over. I try to concentrate solely on Me&Yu related posts for that blog but I sometimes spill over into what I've been doing or what new magazines, labels, sites and blogs I've found. I decided it would be good to put all that into a new blog which I could keep as a personal blog and carry it on when my 12months at Me&Yu draws to an end. So here goes!

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