Monday, 10 May 2010


The past week I've been to a couple of gigs - Biffy Clyro and Foals. I have seen both of these bands before at Leeds festival but it's always such a different atmosphere at a gig than at a festival. Biffy played at the Empress ballroom in Blackpool and Foals were on at the Ritz in Manchester.

Simon Neil is amazing and his tattoos are also amazing. They make me want to book more - which I'm working on at the moment it's just the funding which is the problem!

And Foals...

Foals new album is a must hear although I'm having problems actually getting it on my ipod at the moment but definitely worth buying. It's a bit different to the first album but different in a good way! God I'm such a good music critic.


  1. hi, i found your blog through sitting pretty and i really like your style :) you remind me of florence and the machine! lol
    now following :)

  2. Hey! Thanks for following - I am promising to be a better blogger now as I havent posted in an entire month! I'll be following your blog too. My red hair has gone now so no more Florence lookalike :)