Friday, 7 May 2010

Hello journal.

Today I've been starting some Critical Journal work for my third year prep at Uni. It's a sort of posh name for a sketchbook as we're supposed to write about the things we choose to put into our journals more than you would do with a basic sketchbook. I love doing my crit and I've decided to base it on some research for a possible case study topic. I've started with Me&Yu and the first few tasks and things I learnt and I'm going to include blogging, look book and a LOT of photography. I'm also going to try and focus on vintage vs commercial as this could be a starting point for my final case study writing - eeeeekk! Anyway I've taken some pictures of a few of the pages so far. I like to use different sketchbooks until I find one which I can really work with - hence the torn out sketchbook pages stuck into another book!

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  1. i love the scattered buttons.
    and yay me&yu! i love that shop (: