Friday, 11 June 2010


I have now returned to my rubbish blogging stage. I am very ashamed of it but working full time and keeping a blog is wayyy too hard! I WILL be back in the next week (or so) with updates on all ive been buying, doing and listening too. I'm going to a festival in Manchester this weekend so will feature a what I've been wearing post and then the weekend after I'm off to York for my cousin's hen doo so many a lovely picture will be taken in York to show you all - and not of us blind drunk but of the shops and buildings...if I make it out of the hotel bar that is.

Some exciting news though, the lovely Claire at Sitting Pretty has featured me in her first 'Blogger Spotlight' feature! It's just a few questions and vain look book images but have a look - Claire is a way better blogger than me so have a mooch around her blog as it's lavely!!

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