Thursday, 24 June 2010

York = Trying to take pretty pictures whilst wishing I hadn't drunk an entire bottle of vodka the night before.

This weekend I went to York for my Cousin's hen doo and it was furrnn. I had great intentions of getting up and seeing the sights of York by day and drinking (sensibly) by night. That didn't happen. I managed to stagger out of the hotel room for breakfast and drag some clothes on at around half 10 and then half heartedly wandered around York with my Nikon not really taking any worthy pictures! The second day - once again still drunk - I decided to just take my iphone to put the photography apps to good use.

York is beautiful and I do intend to go when I'm not carrying a blow up man called Roger More around with me! Anyway here are some lomo style photos and hipstamatic photos which I managed to snap of the Shambles in York Centre.

I also got a quick what I was wearing picture. Maxi's are an absolute dream when hungover and wanting something to throw on!

The run dmc top is a Tee and Cake design at Topshop and cost £22, the tye-dye jersey maxi is New Look and cost £25 and my jacket is a reeeally olf Topshop Moto one which I dug out for a revival.


  1. I adore your maxi, I've seen a similar tye-dye one on boohoo and I'm definitely lusting after it. Love York, hope you're feeling more alive now :)

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. Yes I am thankyou! - just about though!

    I'm just obssessed with Maxis this Summer. My wardrobe has about 5 jersey ones in it already and I WILL buy more! So easy to wear and no fake tanned legs needed. Score!