Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hi Doll.

The second photo shoot which we had planned to do for Book, was a shoot revolving around dolls. Our features editor, Natalie, mentioned that her Mum makes dolls so we asked to look at a few. They are amazing and all made from environmentally friendly materials. Natalie made them out to look like vodoo dolls or something off the Bride of Chucky, but they are so beautiful and original. I want all of them!

The dolls are perfect for Book as we didn't want to do two model shoots which would look very similar. To use the dolls also fit into the Frankenstein issue as they aren't alive and have been made to look like humans. We plan to name each doll after a famous model and lay the shoot into the magazine as a 'best of' different designers. They aren't for sale as of yet, as the price and name of the dolls is still being decided but as soon as Natalie has any more info I'll post it here so you can buy your own doll!

The photography was done by myself and Jenna (Creative Director) did the styling of the shoot.

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