Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I need to start bringing my camera to Uni so I can take pictures whilst I'm here and blog. These pictures are taken with an App on my iphone called Hipstamatic and it allows you to take pictures in a kind of polaroid format and switch between lenses/flashes and film. The first image is of a lovely purse I bought today in the best thing about Huddersfield - Magic Vintage. It's a tartan design and is big enough for all the rubbish I throw in my purse. I had my ASOS delivery today - the cream dress pictured in my ASOS post, Henry Holland suspender tights and some black boots. I've been on the hunt for boots for ages and these are not the perfect ones but they're good for real leather and £24 is a bargain. They're sat alongside my Office mustard brogue boots which are my favourites. I just need to wear them more. The last image is of my most recent obsession - not drying my hair properly and putting it up in a high bun which makes me happy as I don't have to spend time doing my hair. Plus it has just been bleached more so is pretty dry. I love the effect these images have.


  1. Dias is also worth a root-around. I stumbled across your blog in IFB. I went to Huddersfield also, studied FMP.

    The retail is taxing, but rewarding when you get the gems, you just have to know where to look. Magic has it's ups&downs. Sweet buy howevs.

    I like your take& approach to blogging.


  2. I love this poloroid effect so much it's making me want to buy an Iphone just for that haha!
    I used to have a real poloroid camera but it's such a shame that the paper is so difficult to get hold of and expensive.

    The purse is a great find too I'm a bit of a sucker for all that is tartan :)
    Rachelle xxx

  3. Hi strange to stumble across another FMP-er on blogspot. I'm currently writing my Case Study :(

    I have been to Dais, my placement brand Me&Yu stock there, but my budget isn't really made for Dais unfortunately and yea Magic is up and down and I'd rather look in the many charity shops of Huddersfield before I buy.

    I'm checking out your blog now...

    Rachelle - I have the same problem with my polaroid. I haven't bought film in ages, I'm thinking of buying a new version but the pictures will probably look too crisp and contemporary. You should definitely get yourself an iphone - I also have a Lomography app. Who needs to buy the real thing!