Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Frames. Frames. Frames.

I am currently lost in a world I call klub. I am living, breathing and thinking klub at the moment. I have just bought some amazing frames off ebay which are going to be perfect for my final exhibition piece. I want to portray the visual experience as one which focuses on looking through a shop window. Although the brand is online, you still see the brand and its concept through a window so I am taking my initial inspiration of Fred Butler and adapting this to a not so literal way - if that makes sense. The picture frames will have different depths and images in each one. The fact that these frames need restoring is perfect. I just hope my idea and sketches of it can be pulled off! FINGERS CROSSED!

I am home next week and I plan on taking some outfit shots to post as I haven't done it in aaaaages.


  1. these frames look awesome! bet it will look awesome x

  2. Thank you!

    The finished product will be pasted all over my blog in May. Oh and thanks for the's lovely!