Saturday, 17 April 2010


Yeah so I have been getting the hang of look book in the past few days and it is actually addictive. Worse than Facebook. So here are a few of the looks I've posted in the past couple of days.

Oh and the shoes in the bottom look are some beauts which I've just added to my shoe collection. They're from Topshop and have a sweet crochet detail on the sides with a brogue look on the front. I love how they have thrown lace up boots, brogues and crochet sandals into one shoe. Topshop at its best. And I was going to work on the botton one which explains the all black! Makes a change from my floral addiction though.


  1. Love the spotted tights look ! My email is on my blog. Mail me and i'll send you the legwear quiz

    Oringina xo