Friday, 23 April 2010

Me&Yu Takes a Trip to college.

I did a photoshoot for Me&Yu this week with my friend Jennie. We wanted a sort of college girl, vintage styled shoot so I used a few different locations and dressed Jennie up in brogues, socks, nerdy glasses and headbands for that college girl feel. The bedroom ones are taken in my new bedroom with my new dressing table, mirror and stool (all bought by me - how grown up!), my garden also featured in the shoot along with the bottom of my local park. I loved doing this shoot as Jennie was really easy to work with and struck some major modelling poses for me and the style of the shoot really suits not only my personal style but shows a different side to the new "Takes a Trip" collection from Me&Yu.

My childhood pink bike also made an appearance and looked so cute in the pictures. I love the fact that the pictures show a story of a walk to school or walk back and the whole idea of not really growing up and still playing around as you did when you were young! Hopefully you'll be seeing more of the shoot across the Me&Yu board - Facebook, Myspace, Website and Online shop - so if you haven't already add Me&Yu as a friend or visit them on - I can gurantee you love them!!


  1. Jennie looks amazing!! Love love love it :)

  2. She's a right little model is Jen! xx