Friday, 8 January 2010

I wore...

I went up to Blackpool on Monday to pick up some Me&Yu press history to scan into my computer and whilst I was there Angie took me round some charity shops. Blackpool charity shopping is pretty good as there are so many different parts to the town which I never knew existed! I got a few bargains which ill show you when they come out of the wash. I wore one of them on Monday night to my local haunt Roper Hall in Preston. Its a black and white dog tooth long shirt/blouse which I wore open with a Topshop floral number and my favourite Topshop heart tights. I had some Topshop flat brown pointy brogue things on too - what a Topshop whore have I become?! STILL haven't worked out my tripod so it was a Myspace mirror attempt...

One day I will be a pro at look book so I'll hopefully be posting some cool look book images of what I've been wearing. I guess I'm also a little skeptical of the whole "What I wore" thing as I hate posing pictures and always feel VERY vain. It's a conversation Claire from Sitting Pretty and I recently had but fashion is a vain industry and I love seeing what others are wearing so I'll just join the vein bandwagon!

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  1. Lets just be vain like everybody else. My excuse is, 'I'm a fashion student, so i have to' ha :)