Monday, 5 July 2010

A little bit of bling.

Whilst having a look at some blogs today I came across a jewellery website which sells some beautiful pieces. I would love to splash out on some necklaces but going on holiday in a week means I can't - unless I whip out the dreaded credit card eeek! The site is called 'This Charming Girl' and sells handmade and vintage jewellery. Here are some of my favourite pieces...

You can buy both of these here.

I also have another favourite jewellery site which I have ordered from before. It is such a lovely jewellery site with a bit of a cool edge to it. It's called 'Sugar and Vice' and is a small independent jewellery label. You can buy your very own personalised necklaces which are handmade to any name, quote or word you like. If you sign up to their mailing list you will receive lots of offers from them including information about their frequent sales.

I've chosen some of my favourite pieces from this site...

I particularly love the camera piece at the top and miiight just have to buy this one! And the way in which the jewellery is photographed with the different paper behind them is so unique. I used to put music sheets on the top of my desk at Uni to make it look not so bland and studenty! Go to Sugar and Vice to have a look at their items. I'm sure you'll fall in love with them like me!

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