Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Queen's Wardrobe.

I've made an exciting new discovery this week...a brand called 'Queen's Wardrobe' which I discovered on Look Book whilst flicking through some looks. I went on the website and found that the girl who had posted the look had done modelling for the brand, which I always think is a little bit of a cheat on look book! Anyhow, the dress which I have featured in this post is from Queen's Wardrobe and costs around £52. I love how elegant it is and the length is just perfect for my wardrobe right now. I would definitely buy it for either Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn!


I have also been lusting after a new thick cable knit cardigan and I have just found this image on my desktop from a photograph search last night. However, I have no idea where it has come from or who is the photographer but I love the cardi and reeeeally want one. I refuse to pay just near £50 from Topshop for one though. If anyone finds a reasonably priced cable knit cardi let me know and I'll hunt you down and steal it from you!

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  1. you missed 2 cable knit cardies I had and sold in a week!