Monday, 9 August 2010

Vincent Peters.

The thing I secretly love about researching information for Uni, is the photographers, artists and designers I come across just from opening my eyes and reading a book. For my dissertation research on Fashion Branding, I stumbled across a Fashion photographer which I hadn't heard of before, called Vincent Peters. I have definitely seen his work before but have never known of him. Here are some favourite shots I have dragged from the Internet...

His rich photography style enables him to put a stamp on his photos before you even read who the photographer is. The top three are my favourites from the ones I have chosen, as they are glamourous and have an old fashioned essence to them. His black and white shots are so strong that I think they are more effective than the colour shots in some ways. In the bottom photo, he manages to cross over the surreal fashion photography world with a somewhat ordinary scene of children playing. If you happen to check out Vincent Peters website, you will notice that he uses this in many of his photos, to a great effect. Go to his website if you love flicking through photographers websites like I do!

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