Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Look Book.

What I wore today post.

Henry Holland jumpsuit £40
Primark brown brogues £10


  1. this outfit looks gorgeous on you!
    i dont think i could pull it off myself
    oh and i am also a mac lover xxxx

  2. It's such a flattering shape that I'm sure you could pull it off! and my mac has probably saved my uni degree! xx

  3. Hannah you're my idol! I love every single piece of clothing you own. Maybe when you're finished with them all you could hand them down to me? Hahaha, I'm joking! Love your blog! X

  4. Sasha, as the coolest schoolie I know (and have ever known!) I will gladly hand down my clothes when I am old and you're still partying away at festivals and gigs in Manchester! Then they will be vintage haha. Also I'm pretty sure I spied you at a bus stop near Kearsley a good month or so ago - I just forgot to tell you on facebook. You were eating a bag of crisps!

  5. Hahaha! Aw thanks Hannah, I'll look forward to it! You're never too old to party and go to festivals though - As my mother would tell you. Haha, yes, that would have most definitely been me. It was the eating a bag of crisps that gave it away! x

  6. Firstly, thankyou for your gorgeous comments pretty lady!

    Secondly, I LOVE that jumpsuit! I imagine it's so versatile, wear it alone on sunny days, or throw over a top in the autumn.

    jazzy ♥