Monday, 9 August 2010

What I wore.

This weekend has been quite a good one. First of all I was treated to an amazing new imac to do all my Uni work on next year and for many more years to come! and then on Saturday night I went out. Now usually I'm a local indie/rock club girl but my friends decided to spring a new (well not new more like hated) place on me during the week which filled me with dread. We basically went to the local rough people of Preston hang out. If there hadn't of been a dance floor playing Abba classics and Bon Jovi I may have died from bleeding of the ears from listening to rubbish rnb and dance all night! Anyway here is what I wore - an accidentally taken picture by my friend Sam -

The chino/cigarette/peg pants - I have lost track of what to call them! - are from Zara and cost £25.99 which is why I love Zara. In Topshop these would have been around £40 and probably would have split because of my huge bum but Zara always gets trousers just right and at a steal of a price. The lace top is actually a long cardi from Topshop sale at an amazing £12 and I have simply tucked it right in for a clinched waist. The bustier underneath is an underwear item from Primark which I usually wear as a 'tuck me in' garment! And lastly the shoes are in the Dorothy Perkins sale at £20 and are actually VERY comfy.

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