Thursday, 8 July 2010

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

I finished my placement a few months ago and I love having a look through Me&Yu's website and blog for information on what they're up to at the moment. I've been oggling some of the new designs as they are soo cute and wanted to showcase a few of them on my blog for those new followers who may have missed my Me&Yu themed posts before April. Me&Yu specialise in handprinted and handmade designs and their amazing mix of screen prints and transfers are what they are best known for. Have a look at some of the following designs available NOW at

This one is where my post title is taken from and I have fallen in love with the quote. It's an amazing design and you all should have one in your wardrobe. I know I'll be getting one asap!

'They're like moments of time' is another cute Summer print which will look amazing as an oversized vest with some leggings or tights or even bare legs of you're brave enough!

'Lilac Swallows' is another favourite of mine. It is available in the vest option too but I think I'd prefer this print as a baggy tee with the sleeves rolled up. That's the great thing about Me&Yu designs - you can wear and adapt the garment to however you like or feel comfortable wearing. I have an entire section of my wardrobe dedicated to my Me&Yu pieces and I wear them differently all the time.

Angie - one half of Me&Yu - has her own blog which she includes Me&Yu related posts as well as personal themes. Click HERE to be taken straight to her blog... (you can also get to the Me&Yu blog through their homepage of the website)

And finally here is an old look book post I did as a Me&Yu themed post of my last batch of freebies. Hopefully this will give you an idea of the different ways you can wear Me&Yu and let me know if you do buy anything or post any looks including Me&Yu. If you're around and about in Manchester, pop into Afflecks Palace in the Northern Quarter and say hello to Me&Yu as they have a shop on the third floor and an amazing display gallery at the top of the stairs! They are just cool. So why wouldn't you want to shop at Me&Yu?


  1. this brand looks fabulous
    im def gonna have a look at them
    your shorts and socks are literally beautiful!
    where are your shorts from sweets
    belle xx

  2. God these are so unbelieveably exactly what I'm looking for. I was literally riffling through my wardrobe earlier thinking, I don't have enough tees. Ta muchly darling, I'll most definitely be picking a few of these up!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  3. My shorts are Me&Yu also! They also do jumpsuits, playsuits, vintage, remixed vintage, skirts and dresses. Me&Yu is basically every 'quirky' girl and guy's dream. Basically you know when you're thinking "god I reeeally wish that someone made this!"...Me&Yu will most probably do it! They also have a sale going on at the moment too. Shop shop shop!!


  4. Thanks for much for your lovely post - Me&Yu blog is now on blogger - follow us here...